Instagram & Facebook are here to stay!

They’re truly one of our key marketing platforms to increase our client reach and conversion.

During my coaching sessions, I often ask my clients ‘do you use Facebook or Instagram for marketing?’ and the reply is usually ‘Yes, but it doesn’t work for our salon’

The TRUTH is, it does work, you just don’t know how to make it work effectively YET for your salon.

I see time and time again, posts with poor lighting, wrong photo angles, pictures that are simply not social media worthy, poor client engagement and no call to action…the list can go on.

Here are some tips on how to increase client reach and bookings through your social media;

  • Imagery: Image quality is key. Don’t compromise with fuzzy photos, poorly lit images or stock photography!
  • Team: Create a staff group to collate images, and give yourself a bigger pool to choose from.
  • Experience: Create an experience with your images – let them dream of a how they will feel and look in your salon.
  • Quirks: Highlight little quirks of the salon or salon team. What makes you unique?
  • Location, Location, Location: Get professional shots of your salon and staff, so clients know what to expect when they come in.
  • #Branding: Create your own hashtag to use on all Instagram posts, eg #thebeautyagency
  • #Hashtags: Encourage your clients to post content with your hashtag by mentioning it in your profile. If you’re really looking to get more user-generated content, consider running a photo contest.
  • #Hashtags2: Put 30 relevant hashtags in your post comments section to create more reach and visibility.
  • Repost: Repost others’ content in one of two ways: either use the repost app, or simply save and re-upload the image, giving a photo credit to the original poster.
  • Emojis: Don’t be afraid to use emojis – they add some character to your posts!
  • Facebook: Why not link your Instagram feed to your Facebook page to increase your content reach?
  • Engage: Engage with your users’ comments under posts. It shows that you’re there, you’re engaged, and you’re much more likely to be remembered if you interact with users.