• Business Breakthrough

    $400.00 incl GST
    4 x 1HR Private Sessions
    Do you need help identifying the key problems within your business? Or perhaps you know what you want to achieve, but you haven’t quite managed to grasp it yet and you’re unsure why? I’ve been where you are and I know how to turn a struggling salon into a thriving one. I will help you:
    • Dig deep into your business, so you’ll learn how to easily identify the issues.
    • Together we’ll crunch the facts and the figures, then devise a tailor-made plan to help you set some goals. 
    • I’ll show you the best way to execute your plan, so you can achieve the results you crave. 
    • And I’ll stay in touch to make sure your business breakthrough is a success.
    Available in person - Melbourne and Perth All other states Zoom/Skype
  • Consulting

    $120.00 incl GST

    Hourly Rate | $120

    Got a particular business dilemma you’d love to work through?

    Been wanting to dip your toe in the business coaching bathtub?

    Perhaps you’re hiring for the first time? Or you’re ready to step back from working in your business, so you can work on it instead? Maybe you’d simply like more time for yourself.

    Whatever your challenge, why not soak up the experience and knowledge of someone who’s been there before you? I’ve taken my salon from start-up to seven figures, and I’d love to help you do the same. 

    So, whether you’re a new, home-based beauty business, an existing full-service salon or something in-between, coaching can help you turn your dreams into goals.

    Another set of experienced eyes to assess your business performance, will boost your confidence and make decision-making easier. I can work one-to-one with you or individual staff members or coach your whole team to achieve greater success for your business. 

    And, because self-care is crucial to your success, I’ll help you balance your time to make sure you’re not neglecting yourself.

    Available in person in Melbourne and Perth All other states Zoom/Skype 
  • This is for you if you answer yes to any of the following…
    • Do you wish you could have someone visit your salon “under cover” for a detailed inspection and provide you with an honest review?
    • Do you ever wonder if your protocols are up to scratch and being followed by your entire team?
    • Are you staff offering the standards of customer service that you expect?
    Similar to a “mystery shopper”, I will personally visit your salon as a customer and provide you with a detailed report on the service, staff performance and general salon observations. We will discuss your concerns beforehand, allowing you to add your specific focus points. This is an excellent way to observe your salon with the assistance of fresh, knowledgeable eyes. Available in Melbourne and Perth
  • Marketing Acceleration

    $600.00 incl GST

     6 x 1hr Private Sessions | $600

    Do you have an effective marketing strategy? Is it helping you grow your business?

    Do you understand how and where to connect with your clients online?

    If your business promotion needs a little tlc, I can help you with a marketing makeover.
    I’ll share the strategies that took me from a sole trader to a director of a Beauty Salon that is tracking to turning over 7 figures this year and how I completely removed myself from my business.  

    • Together we’ll break down what’s working and what isn’t, then discover why.
    • I’ll help you with competition and market analysis, so you understand where your opportunities are hiding.
    • I’ll guide you through the process of developing a six-month marketing plan that supports your business goals. 
    • I’ll review your social media activity and help you choose the right platforms to connect you with your customers.
    • And I’ll check back in with you later to track your progress
    Available in person - Melbourne and Perth All other state Zoom/Skype
  • Start-up Success

    $1,200.00 incl GST

    8 x 1hr Private Sessions

    Are you ready to open your dream business?

    Do you have a clear vision of what you want to offer but you’re not quite sure where to start? 

    Are you a first-class beauty therapist but your business skills need a little polish?

    Relax – I’ve got you covered. I grew my business from a one-person operation into a busy salon with a team of ten. My hands-on experience means I have plenty of practical solutions to help you achieve start-up success.

    • We’ll work on your business plan together, so you’ll understand how to set salon & staff goals and stay on track.
    • I’ll help you set up salon protocols and processes to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently from day one. 
    • We’ll work together to develop a 12-month marketing plan, so you start with a strategy to grow your business.
    • I’ll help you set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your salon and staff, so you can easily track performance.
    • I’ll share my strategy for building loyal teams, so you can get the best out of your staff. You’ll learn how to create a harmonious workplace that’s good for your team and your customers.
    Available in Melbourne and Perth